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PostSubject: TBD   TBD I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 14, 2017 3:42 am

I have been kicking around this story for a while and realize I have need of other talented writers to making it work. I write well among a team. I am sure I can count on Matt, but I could use other contributors as well. Specifically, I need 3-4 of you. I have the main roles written, with little detail, so there is a lot of room for growth. Same for the plot. I know where I want to begin, and where I want to end. But everything between is subject to interpretation.

This story includes a very limited use of "abilities" and is primarily set during a time that has yet to be decided. Story combines elements of Lovecraftian horror, Wells limited humanity, and King's treatment of character-driven narrative.


As the sun peered through the broad windows of his apartment, Thomas laid paralyzed. Suites on the highest floors were as privy to blinding changes in daylight as they were to magnificent views otherwise. He lifted the sheets and peered at the person he'd chosen to wake up next to the previous night. Stunning. Again, he had fulfilled his own expectations.


The industry that Wyatt Power had crafted was spectacular. It addressed the every need of modern globalism. A Walmart of its time. A real-time Amazon. Mr. Power had taken the obvious and convenient and generated a lifestyle around instant gratification.

Will add more. It is late.

TBD Courie10
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